Pedagogical partnership with the Legendre EAD Course (for primary school) and Hattemer Academy (for kindergarten):


The Legendre EAD Courses were founded in 1957 by a team of teachers led by Mr. Constant Legendre, professor and doctor of science, in order to offer serious and effective courses.
Since then, this teaching has proved its effectiveness thanks to a passionate teaching staff, courses that respect the expectations of the National Education Department and offer a structured working methodology, particularly on the fundamentals.
The requirement of seriousness and the care given to the pedagogical quality have allowed the Cours Legendre to be unanimously appreciated and advised by many families and schools.

Hattemer Academy: at the end of the 19th century, Rose Hattemer, a teacher from Alsace, taught French to the young children in her care in Paris. A tutor in several families, her success is only matched by her reputation. Faced with ever-increasing demands, Miss Hattemer is naturally led to teach groups of children at home. His pedagogy: establish a program for each child and make his intelligence work.
A unique, approved and proven pedagogical method, focused on mastering the fundamental disciplines and the diversity of subjects taught. It ensures children's unfailing intellectual development. It strives to develop aesthetic and human sensitivity, general culture, curiosity and openness to the world.


For more than 50 years, the Legendre EAD and Hattemer Academy courses have been committed to the pedagogy and academic success of children. To respond to the uniqueness of each child, through his or her personality, learning rhythm, aspirations... a personalized support towards academic success.

As soon as the school year begins (and if possible at registration), our pedagogical team will carry out a diagnosis of your child's situation with you.


With optimal teaching conditions: groups of up to 18 students, meditation and flexible seating. https://www.educationworld.com/how-much-should-your-classroom-flex

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epfls lisbonne partenaire

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