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EPFLS Our Objectives

Objective 1

Participate in the development of the network of French institutions in Portugal.


Objective 2

To encourage each student to give the best of himself in the fields of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.

The success of all



Objective 3

Develop project-based teaching:

encourage students to act for sustainable development (participation in the eco-school project)

Mindfulness meditation allows students to concentrate better, reduce stress, strengthen their self-esteem and promote their learning.



Objective 4

Meditate at school to learn better

Objective 5

Provide multilingual and intercultural education


∎Sport courses in Portuguese

∎ arts education in English

∎ Portuguese supervisors

∎ 3h30 per week of foreign language instruction and the possibility of starting another language of your choice as early as CE1.

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